prophylaxis: Keeping teeth and gums healthy

A broken arm ordinarily heals up. From a pneumonia you can usually recover completely, too. A decay hole however can never heal up, it can only be repaired as well as possible. As a consequence for us dental prophylaxis is the be-all and end-all of modern dentistry. With our preventive and prophylaxis measures we ensure the long-lasting preservation of gums, teeth, jaw bond and implants. At this we develop customized prophylaxis solutions for both children and adults.


Among our prophylaxis performances rank ...

  • professional tooth cleanings
  • fissure sealings
  • fluoridation / enamel hardening
  • tooth cleaning school
  • bacterial tests


prophylaxis for patients with special conditions

By taking oral hygiene indexes individual weak spots can be revealed and traced over the years. In the course of periodontal aftercare regular prophy-dates prevent the gum disease from flaring up again.

For patients with chronic conditions like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or coronary heart diesase the health maintenance of the gums is of particular importance. Since the gums pose an entry point for bacteria, which can trouble other organs of the body. In cooperation with your doctor we care for that special aspect of your health.