dental treatment under hypnosis

Are you afraid of the dentist? Well, that´s what millions of other people feel. You wish to get a really sensitive treatment? Then it might be more comfortable for you to get in contact with us via Email first or via our contact form. By doing so special questions can be discussed "from a distance" in advance.

We offer you, after an initial counselling interview in a quiet atmosphere, to have a treatment under hypnosis or under deep relaxation. During such a treatment you will be placed in a laid-back, very enjoyable condition in the dental chair. We talk to you very calmly and you will be lead into you own subconsciousness. There you can relive former good memories and sentiments. You consciousness will not be shut off at all, but it will be put aside, it remains completely in function at all times. Many patients describe that situation like this: "It was so nice, calm and recreative, I did not want to realize at all what you were doing in my mouth."