our guidelines

With regard to both our treatments and our appearance towards our patients we consequently commit to the following guidelines:


1.  We provide a high quality dentistry without any compromises. Therefore we commit to keep our competence up to date by continuing professional education.


2.  For us tooth preservation is always better than tooth extraction. With the application of modern treatment techniques nowadays much more teeth can be saved, even when this sometimes requires a little more effort.


3.  We always take the time and the calmness for a detailed talk with the patient. Thereby we enable the patient to make a decision himself about his treatment.


4.  We precisely explain to you, how it is about your dental condition and what can possibly be done. We will discuss the benefits, the disadvantages and the costs with you in advance. And then we keep with that.


5.  We are a prevention practice. As we know that prevention is the best medicine, we sharply look on how dental damages and diseases can be avoided.


6.  We always take into account that bad teeth, but also our treatment measures, can be able to cause other diseases or damages in the body.